About Us

Consider the Lilies Flower Farm, LLC, is your local source for naturally grown flowers in Mequon, Wisconsin. Founded by Madeline and Matthew Selting, our farm is dedicated to providing the Milwaukee area with flowers that bring joy and inspiration.

For us, flowers represent hope and potential, from seed to bloom. We cultivate our flowers with care, using locally sourced compost and avoiding harsh chemicals, to ensure the purest, most vibrant flowers.

Every blossom in our fields brings us joy, and we hope it does the same for you. Thank you for considering us for your floral needs—we look forward to sharing the beauty and warmth of our flowers with you.

Warm regards,

Madeline and Matthew
Consider the Lilies Flower Farm, LLC

A special note from my husband, Matthew:

I’ll be the first to admit that I hardly know the stem from the peddles when it comes to flowers. (Update: I’ve been in informed it’s “petals”). The true gardener is my beautiful wife, Madeline. Back in October of 2022, when Consider the Lilies Flower Farm, LLC was first established, I was both encouraging and a bit doubtful. “I get that you really like flowers, and that people buy flowers for things like Mother’s Day and stuff, I’m also all for giving this flower farm business thing a try, but – just so you know – if we sell one flower this year, I’ll consider that a win.”

As it turns out, we sold much more than a single flower. But that wasn’t the most surprising thing that happened the first year. Throughout the year, I started to notice two things. Two very beautiful things. The first is the joy Madeline had with every seed she planted and every flower she picked. “Why do you like these flowers so much?” I would ask. “They just have so much potential”, Madeline would say. “They start as such a small seed, unknown and insignificant looking, and they grow into something so beautiful.” Madeline’s appreciation and recognition for the beauty in something so small and easy to overlook was inspiring to say the least.

The second was Madeline’s heart, all along the way. As much joy as I saw in her eyes with every flower that grew, her joy and the sparkle in her eye was 10x that with every flower she was able to give to someone to brighten their day. She would share any flowers we had available with those at our church and local community who were going through a loss, a celebration, or just needed something to hold onto as a symbol of love and hope. I was continually left speechless, and with an irrepressible smile.

As Madeline’s husband, biggest fan, and as she affectionately calls me, her “facilities manager,” as I install our garden fence, irrigation system, this website, and the like… I truly hope you, as our customers, get even half as much joy and encouragement from our flowers as Madeline gets growing them. Our hope is to share love, hope, and the beauty of Gods’ creation with the Mequon and surrounding area by being your source of naturally grown flowers.